Moroccan Advanced Artisanry Learning, Empowerment & Marketplace

EMaâlem’s long-term vision lays in highlighting the importance of buying consciously from the artisans community. Our aim is to promote the value and uniqueness of the traditional handicraft as well as preserving the Moroccan authentic heritage. We are dedicated towards the empowerment of the artisans community through product development and digitalization.


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Moroccan Artisans Advanced Learning & Empowerment Module

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Moroccan Artisans Advanced Learning & Empowerment Module

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Moroccan Artisans Advanced Learning & Empowerment Module

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Words of the Team

“EMaâlem is for the artisans community to feel appreciated and empowered !”


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EMaâlem Academy


As part of the Leadership Fellowship Program, EMaâlem Academy is designed and executed under the support of The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and World Learning.